Business/Work and Exercise25 Jul 2010 03:21 pm

Believe it or not, my sports team web hosting service is finally in beta!   TeamSites.com makes creating and updating team websites easy!

This is probably the tenth version I’ve worked on and it actually took less time than all the others.  In all the previous versions, after adding more and more features, the design and user interface got extremely unwieldy. So, for this latest release, I used the same philosophy I used when creating BidNip: simplicity.

That’s right – I cut out most every cool feature. They were neat, but they added nothing (or very little) to the actual helpfulness of the service.  So, I kept with only the things that _I_ would personally use when making a site for one of my kids.  Homepage for news, schedule, and roster.  I also added alerts for when practices or games are cancelled.  I also added a media (photo/video) section – I originally had it cut too, since there are already SOOO many places to post pictures.  To keep it simple, I made TeamSites only let you put URLs for your media – so you don’t have to upload them to the site! Simple!

I also originally went with _only_ HTML 5, but after testing in a few browsers, I let a little HTML 4 styling slip in.  Maybe after IE 7 is phased out…

Audio/Video and Exercise29 Jan 2006 01:30 pm

Finally saw “Exorcism of Emily Rose” this weekend, and it was okay. Not terribly frightening, but worth a rental. My amazon purchase of “Drive” arrived yesterday, so I threw that in the PC while I did some financial stuff (compling ETF historical data to do some portfolio risk analysis and risk minimization functions). It’s weird – this movie ROCKS sooo hard, yet so few people know about it. If you like martial arts films, this is one of the best of the 90′s – second only to Fist of Legend. I’m also almost caught up with Battlestar Galactica. I’m two-thirds through the Season 2.0 disks and will finish sometime this week. The second seasons seems like it’s less “military/warfare” related and delves more into the personal interractions. It’s good so far, though sometimes not as exciting as the first season.

More bike riding this weekend, with the CS200 in tow. I like it, but I’m still getting used to the online software vs. the software that came with my polar watch. It seems like it’s missing some of the cool features (graphing, etc). I need to play with it more. I also installed a Barbieri CarbOne carbon mini pump – that sucker is light! I also had more time with the TIME pedals/cleats. And I have to say I like them better than the SPD-SL’s I used to have. The clip in is much easier… Especially when stopping and starting with traffic around. The spd-sl’s weren’t hard, but these are down-right easy.

I finished installing my grandparent’s DVD player. I also took over some Northern Exposure and Monk DVDs for them to watch. I told them to call if they had questions, but they haven’t called yet. I also orderd a book for my grandfather called “Royal Navy Escort Carriers” by David Hobbs. I think it has pictures of the carrier that he was on during WWII (The Premier). I could only find it in England – amazon didn’t have it and neither did amazon.co.uk!

Business/Work and Exercise11 Jan 2006 11:05 pm

A few weeks ago I installed Tasks Jr. to keep track of my online tasks. I really like it and will most likely continue to use it. You need a server with php and mysql though. I tried using Outlook’s tasks, but it doesn’t support nested (multi-level) tasks and it wasn’t available from anywhere. I also tried using BackPackIt, which was available from everywhere, but didn’t have some of the calendar functions I really wanted. Tasks Jr. is free too.

The full body workout is tough. It’s a customized version of one available on t-nation.com. I haven’t been this sore in a while – and I can definitely tell I need to get more recuperative sleep. I’m also considering getting a nice Giant TCR Composite 1 or 2. Maybe this weekend…

Business/Work and Exercise and Family & Friends31 Oct 2005 09:19 am

Was doing a lot of running around this weekend. I rushed home Firday after work to go to the UNM/CU football game. One of Jonah’s friends plays in YAFL, and they were going to have a game during halftime. We all had a lot of fun. We ate out after that (I ate good! I swear!) and didn’t get home until pretty late.

Saturday I worked out and then we went Jonah’s soccer game (6 to zero… and Jonah’s team didn’t have 6). Though, when Jonah was the goalie, he didn’t let any through – despite the other team’s bigger offense and multiple tries. :) O-well. It was his last game of the year, and baseball is also over, so he gets a break for a little while. Now he wants to play basketball. Sheesh!

Saturday night I worked a little on TeamSites and nearly finished the 308 book final edits. I have to do more research to complete it though… so though I’m done editing 95% of the pages, it’s that last 5% that’s going to take 50% of the time to complete. O-well. I also worked a little on some software for SteveJ. (auto reboot of home router via RPC).

Sunday was just as busy! I went on a two hour ride (just under 40 miles) ~19.9mph average – stupid streets and bridges cause me to slow down on parts, spoiling my average time! Then had to rush and get ready to go to Gus’ for dinner. Having just burned 1400 calories, I was able to pig out on a HUGE t-bone and one and a half baked potatos (and not gain any weight!). I got home and worked a little on the new Database design for CheatCodes/GameRadar/etc.

I also taunted SteveJ with the following picture (excuse the helmet hair please ;) :

(I’m challenging him to lose weight and go on the Iron Horse with me :) Come on SteveJ!

Business/Work and Exercise23 Oct 2005 07:31 pm

About two years ago I started writing a book about buying and owning a Ferrari 308. I was working with a publisher, and finished the first rough draft about a year ago (actually it was over a year ago). Since then, I’ve been waiting for the fact checking and edits to be done. After a long wait (a bunch of different things – and now it’s a new publisher), I finally got their edits back, and I’m updating it for the final draft! I’m through the first three and a half chapters, and have another three and a half chapters to go (unfortunately they’re longer chapters *DOH*).

I rode an hour on a stationary bike at the gym this week, keeping my heart rate in the 80% range. Yesterday I rode 34 miles with an average of 21mph (with the last mile at about 24mph). I’ve lightened up on the weight training and bumped up the aerobic activity (added rowing to my workouts) in preperation for the Iron Horse race.

Exercise04 Oct 2005 09:01 pm

After a solid three months in my 180 lbs range – with lows of 177, a high of 184, and most time in the 180-182 rage (all in the 12.5-14% bodyfat range), I’ve decided to go for 8% body fat at somewhere around 172-175.

It’s been relitively easy the last couple months. I work out regularly, and have been riding my bike 20 miles a day at least 4 days a week (and often 30 or 40 miles on Saturday or Sunday. So, I didn’t have to diet much. It was only at two or three days of bad eating that I would get above 182 and as soon as I got over that, I would eat good for a few days to get back to 180. This has been working great, and I don’t feel restricted at all, plus if I had any cravings, I could indulge enough to get rid of it and continue on along my happy way.

So, why this refocusing? Honestly? I really, REALLY, REALLY, want to get a “six pack”. I’ve got that 6-9lbs (about 4% of body weight) around my mid-section that I still have. I can just barely see the top stomach muscles, but the bottom four are well hidden under a nice layer of fat. Time to get rid of that and get down to 8%.

My planned diet started on Monday. I’m shooting for an optimal 40/40/20 ratio for protein/carbs/fat. Wit about 1600 calories per day for the first 2 weeks, then 1800 for two weeks after that. I also added some various supplements to my diet to make sure I get everything I need. As of this morning, I was at 180.5 and 13%.

Audio/Video and Exercise27 Aug 2005 09:16 pm

I went on a great 42 mile ride this morning with my friend Chip (who has an excellent TREK Madone). Took just over 2 hours at a pretty good pace (Took most of the Rio Grande Bike Path). I may do a short 20 miler tomorrow. I burned through 2000 calories on that ride! And, we just missed a major accident on the trail (we saw the ambulances and big blood spots, but not the riders that got hurt).

This Video from Whose Line is it Anyway, is one of the funniest things ever shown on television. Here’s a happy couple checking the results of a pregnancy test. And, don’t forget about Tom Cruise Killing Oprah.

Exercise and School21 Aug 2005 08:11 pm

I finished all of my Global Business papers last week (16 papers and one case study evaluation). I’m glad those are done! They weren’t bad, and it’s one of the more useful types of homework – it won’t be graded harshly, just get them written.

As for working out, I’m up to 182 at 13.5% body fat. I’ve been eating more protein and slightly more calories. I’ll be doing some more aerobic exercise this week to see if I can bring the weight AND the body fat % down a few points.

Exercise02 Aug 2005 07:25 pm

Just a quick update to give you the results of the previous exercise/gel experiments, and what I’m currently up to.

First, the Gel stuff… I tried the PowerGel Cola flavored (with caffeine) and it was okay. Not something I’d go out of the way to eat, but on my long ride I had one mid-way through, and you know what? I could tell! I felt more energized about 15 minutes later. I also tried the Gu gel in Tri-Berry flavor and it actually was not bad at all. Much sweeter, so it just slid down. Just don’t get kiwi-strawberry!

My metabolism reset actually worked out well! I lost the weight I put on in two days, and went below my previous weight. I also didn’t go as low in daily calories as before, but I was still losing (probably due to my riding a LOT more). So, I upped my calories again. Now I have to remind myself to eat to make sure I get all the calories and enough protein.

I started a “bulking” phase for the next 6-8 weeks. I’m working out (lifting heavy) in the mornings before riding to work. I’m also taking more amino acids, creatine, and various other supplements. They’re not bad (since they’re mostly just pills).

Exercise02 Aug 2005 07:51 am

Janet got back from Arizona this Sunday (she and Jonah went with one of her friends and her son for the weekend while I studied). She was at the Discovery store and picked up a Lance Armstrong Discovery Cycling Jersey for me:

This was taken on August 1st in the morning… I weighed 178.5 and was just about 13.5% body fat. On Dec. 15, 2004 I was 50 pounds heavier!

Exercise29 Jul 2005 11:47 am

I went on a nice 32 mile bike ride yesterday, followed by a 25 miler this morning. I averaged 18.5 mph on Saturday and 19.4 mph on the ride today. I had a lot of fun, even though I was riding alone. The trails weren’t very busy, and I listened to an audio book on my mp3 player while I rode (a Howard Hughes biography).

I am spending the weekend writing a case study on Yahoo! (YHOO). It’s 10 pages of pure fun. Oh wait… no it’s not :)